Parties and Faulty Computers

I have a new HP computer.  A RED laptop with a large screen.  (Color was the same prices as regular silver! )  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  Things are in different places than I am accustomed to seeing them.  I did not realize how well trained I am to a particular screen size.  My neck swivels with this screen!

I have used my new computer for three weeks.  Last night the plugin for the power cord stopped working!  It works- IF I jiggle the cord.  It is too soon to be jiggling things to get them to work.

So instead of writing the pithy and clever email tI intended, I am spent just shy of an hour online with support. (It was SO HARD not to put support inside of quotes- unironically of course.)  Palash helped me.  I do not know if Palash is a woman or a man.  I think I will google it.  Hang on a minute.  I will be right back.


Here is what I found.  Flowery Tree.  So I think female.  Nope.
Palash means Green or blossom of the tree Butea Frondosa (Sanskrit: किंशुक, Hindi: पलाश). It is a species of Butea native to tropical and sub-tropical parts of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The flowers are used to prepare traditional Holi color. It is said that the tree is a form of Agnidev, God of Fire.   Names are awesome.  I should have googled it while I was waiting to see if Palash knew how google interpreted his name.  Next time. (OH! I HOPE THERE IS NO NEXT TIME!)

  Back to my first world tale of woe.

I live in Benbrook, which is a suburb of Fort Worth, which when lumped together with Dallas and Arlington and a few other close neighbors is the FOURTH LARGEST metropolitan in the United States.  HP is charging $25 for one way shipping because they do not have any other options “in my area.”  MY AREA!  That time the quotes indicated my snarky verbalization of “in my area.”  There, I did it again.

So I type into the chat that I am not happy about paying the $25 since it is a brand new machine and the machine is faulty.  Eventually, Palash offers a $15 option that takes longer to get to me.  Well, I NEED my computer this week to get ready for the reception on Saturday so waiting two more days for the box allows me to work and jiggling is not that difficult.

January 27, 2018, 6 – 9 Gallery 414
414 Tempelton, FW, TX. 

So I take the lesser option and ask for a way to complain about no pickup options in the fourth largest metropolitan area in the entire United States of America.  What Palash offers is a discounted extended warranty that will include shipping for this time.  This reduces the price and we take the two years extended warranty.  David did point out that the laptop only cost $400.  Well, now it cost $475.  The last laptop lasted 7 or 8 years.  Jubilee is using it for her school.  If this one lasts five years that averages out to $95 a year.  That prorates to $7.95 a month for the computer.  I get $8 of use out of it each month.  Cost less than Netflix or Hulu.

A longtime friend died last Tuesday.  She had a rare bile duct cancer and lived only eight months after diagnosis.  She was a good woman.  Her daughters, 28 and 26 are good women.  Her husband is a good man.  My computer requires that I jiggle the power cord to get it to work.
Perspective is sobering.
Sherry’s funeral starts four and a half hours before I need to be at Gallery 414 to set up for the reception.

Sometimes we fuss over jiggling cords to take a break from real life.

When I stop jiggling the cord and I stop jiggling with Palash who was so kind on HP tech support the other emotions roll in.  Sherry was miserable and in a great deal of pain.  It was hard to tell which was worse, cancer or complications from treatments.  She fought the good fight and now she is at rest and at peace.  I cry for all that Sherry will miss as her daughters come into their full humanity.  Maybe there will be spouses, possibly children, certainly adventures.  I cry for the young women who will be there for each other but will desperately miss their mother.  I cry for Mitch who will be fine- eventually.  Normal will never be again.  Only a new normal.  A normal forever with a piece missing.

The emotions come with clarity.  Clarity that death brings concerning the illusion of control.   Control is all mirrors and vapers.

So, I gripe about my computer which I will put in a box that the Fed Ex person will collect from me while standing on my front porch.  Seven to nine days later the box will magically reappear on my front porch and my computer will be fixed.  By that time the reception will be over and I will have gotten a great deal of painting done because I can’t work without my computer.

First world problems and parties.

If you can not make it to the reception, I sincerely hope you will take a few extra moments to see something beautiful.
Maybe in a museum.
Maybe tea in a beautiful cup.
Maybe in an independent gallery or alternative creative space.
Wherever you are and whatever beauty you are beholding, remember me.  Just a nod.
Remember control is an illusion and embrace the moment, open your heart, and receive the beauty offered.
In sharing my art, I am also sharing my heart.  When you receive beauty, in that moment your heart is open to more.
May, this week, your heart be touched ever so gently.
May you receive and exude beauty.

peace out, Gwen


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