Reconsidering Nudity

Reconsidering Nudity

DSCN8517Each morning I take our dog, Wesley, for a walk  around 7:30 because the low angle of the sun is such that a great deal of our walk will be shaded.  Once there was a breeze.

Yesterday, after the storms, I saw jays, cardinals, mockingbirds, cattle egrets, a dove, crows, sweet little brown birds and, flying overhead, one great blue heron.  Oh, and cattle, there are always cattle and, only occasionally, a squirrel or two.

What I so seldom see are human beings.  Over the past three weeks these walks have taken on a new weightiness.  It is hot. Hot and sticky.

In the spirit of Independence Day I am reconsidering nudity.
Storm and Roys pillow

Be cool!