The heart and the painting want what they want.

 The heart and the painting want what they want.
                     Neither should be forced. 

Honestly, I am not certain I have a process.
Do I HAVE a process?   Yeah, yeah I do, but not just one. Storm and Roys pillow

The process I am embracing right now is most closely akin to not looking before I leap. 

I like to starting.  Anything I can lay hands on is fair game.  Not a lot of thinking and I like some skin in the game. This video shows me quite literally doing just that. I had fewer finger prints when I finished than when I began.

The thinking comes later, usually accompanied by moments of deep regret for not having begun with a plan.
Sometimes I do begin with a plan, but held very loosely.  Usually it is more an idea than a plan.  I start with a strong determination to resolve the painting, to find beauty.  I start.

DSCN9504start with feeling, start with color, 
start with a prayer for someone or about something,
start with an experience: good, bad, otherwise.
resolving chaos to beauty,
remembering beauty and pretty are not synonymous,
beauty freeing hope.

Starting is exciting, but in the excitement chaos shows up and builds a camp right in the middle of everything.  What began in abandon becomes something else.   This is where the fight begins.  This is where the struggle takes place.  This is where the rubber meets the road.   Starting may be fun, but finishing is the difference between fun and joy.  

Resolving the painting brings SATISFACTION and sometimes UNDERSTANDING.  

Looks like life.

It is often repeated that each work of art is a self portrait.  It is kinda true.
Process also reflects the artist.
I use what is at hand.  Process is marginally important and somewhat interesting.  It can be part of the story, but if the end product, the finished artwork, doesn’t tell the story without knowledge of the process it is a weak story.  ArtForStripes012

(WAIT!   I LOVE CONCEPTUAL ART!   Honest, I do, but I did not love it until I learned the stories behind the concepts.   I don’t want to do that to people.   Conceptual art, without the story, leaves viewers feeling stupid or feeling that the artist is stupid. Not my scene. )

I create art that releases hope not frustration.   Hope that the big hot mess that is so life will ultimately resolve into something beautiful.  Hope that, no matter how messed up we are and life is, there is a bigger plan that will resolve our chaos into beauty.

I paint hope.   My process is a search for beauty.  A search for hope.